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Traffic management in road work zones

We manage flexible traffic routing, full closures and more

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Whether it is a short-term or a long-term road work zone – effective traffic management is essential for all safety measures. This includes for example lane closures, detours and alternative traffic routing.

  • Full closures or lane closures
  • Extensive portfolio of traffic safety equipment
  • Authorized processor for flexible handling of traffic signs
  • Many years of experience in traffic management
  • Thoroughness and speed in implementation
  • All services from one source
Traffic management

Efficient traffic safety with IBOTECH

In complex road work zones or road renewal a temporary lane closure or even full closure can be an effective measure in traffic safety. In addition, for example flexible traffic routing or detours are part of a professional traffic management for road work areas.

IBOTECH has many years of experience in traffic management and road work zone planning. We are the expert in logistics with a modern vehicle fleet and a well-trained staff – all from one source.