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Starter kit for road markings

Efficient, effective, always ready to use – your package for perfect markings
With our top-trio Roller, Sprayer and Road Taper your road markings will be a piece of cake – because first-class quality ensures excellent results.

Excellent execution: The Road Taper is reliable and precise. Never before affixing road marking tape was that easy.


Precise preparation: The primer Sprayer is smooth-running and robust. Consistent spraying is guaranteed.


Terrific treatment: The Roller has a strong contact pressure and is easy to handle. The final touch for your road markings.

made in germany
The whole set for 8.200 € instead of 8.956,38 €
All prices plus legal value added tax (VAT)
Your advantages:
  • Speed up to 8 km/h
  • Affixing up to 40 km of marking tape per day
  • Precise handling and high pressure
  • Siemens control unit
  • Pressure 8 bar
  • 7 liters / 100 km fuel consumption

Road Taper+

ROAD-TAPER+ The automatic road marking machine Road Taper+ is a real innovation in the field of street markings. As manufacturer and inventor IBOTECH applied successfully a patent for the motorized machine. The Road Taper+ is perfectly applicable for an efficient affixing of road marking tape – and also on the long distance. Up to 40 kilometers of marking tape can be affixed per day (shift-work) with the economical and effective Road Taper+. This is possible due to the maximum operating speed of 8 kilometers per hour.

Despite the speed, the patented Road Taper+ is very precise, accurate and dependable. The road marking machine is characterized by a precise steering system, a practicable guide rod and the reliable technique. IBOTECHs affixing machine of road marking tape is equipped with a control unit by Siemens and cutting system for the tape. In addition, the machine is easy to handle and user-friendly. The Road Taper+ is the perfect choice for precise, efficient and fast affixing of road marking tape.

103.140,22 €
All prices plus legal value added tax (VAT)
Your advantages:
  • Short-term date arrangements
  • Quick delivery and fast processing
  • Accurate and spotless working
  • Easy to handle
  • Shift-work possible
  • Up to 10.000 meter of demarking within 8 hours


Demarking machine 
for temporary road markingsBesides the precise affixing of road marking tape, also the efficient and clinical removing of temporary road markings is an important issue. With the innovative machine to remove marking tape from the road surface Puller IBOTECH has developed a patented pioneering machine for this operation. The Puller removes marking tape not only fast, but with ultimate precision. At the same time our marking machine is smooth-running and easy to handle.

tape can be removed in one work shift (within 8 hours) from the road surface. As manufacturer of marking machines IBOTECH has focused on precision and efficiency during the design and production of the Puller. In shortest possible time we deliver the machine to the operation site. For a quick and clean removing of temporary road marking tape our patented Puller is a perfect choice.

20.597,50 €
All prices plus legal value added tax (VAT)
Your advantages:
  • Light weight of only 40 kg and easy handling
  • Smooth-running
  • Especially suitable for short distances
  • Only one skilled worker needed
  • Effective and accurate

Road Taper

Marking machine for marking tapeThe Road Taper is characterized by efficient and spotless road markings. The hand-operated marking machine is very robust and effective – despite the light weight of only 40 kilograms. As manufacturer and inventor of the Road Taper, IBOTECH attached importance to a simple handling and a precise working operation. With the marking machine our customers achieve optimal results affixing marking tape to the road surface.

Due to the light weight, the slim design and the usability the Road Taper is perfectly suitable for road markings in areas with difficult accessibility. Our marking machine is an excellent choice for affixing road marking tape on short distances – because it is hand-operated. At the same time this enables very precise and efficient road markings. Accuracy and dependability are the most important factors for professional road markings. The Road Taper – invented and manufactured by IBOTECH – guarantees both and provides perfect results.

5.270,56 €
All prices plus legal value added tax (VAT)
Your advantages:
  • Light, easy handling but sturdy construction
  • Individual choices for adjustments
  • Constant spraying and accurate markings


Sprayer marking tape A solid preparation is important for affixing road marking tape. For a long durability of the tape, IBOTECHs primer Sprayer is used. As creator and manufacturer of the spray unit we attached importance to a robust construction and a light weight. Due to these characteristics the Sprayer is perfectly usable also on longer distances. Further advantages: The intuitive operability and individual configuration options concerning usability.

The most important characteristics of primer spray units are reliability and good results. Because of the constant spraying the adhesion is spread precise – a perfect preparation for affixing the marking tape later. With the primer spray unit Sprayer IBOTECH provides another machine for ideal road markings in its product portfolio. The light weight and usability as well as the constant spraying and reliability are plus points for this worthwhile additional marking machine.

2.116,16 €
All prices plus legal value added tax (VAT)
Your advantages:
  • Light, slim and easy to handle
  • Strong pressure
  • Effective and precise results


Pressure roller road marking tape A pressure roller for road marking tape is essential for clean and effective road markings. As a manufacturer IBOTECH paid attention to important details developing the Roller. This includes an easy handling and a strong pressure. Due to the light weight of only 18 kilograms the Roller can be transported and used immediately. In combination with the easy handling the light weight ensures that the Roller can be used in hardly accessible areas.

For perfect road markings also the follow-up work after affixing the marking tape is important – since the marking tape should have a long shelf life. Inaccurate or partly detached marking tape is a safety risk which can be prevented with the Roller. As manufacturer of the pressure roller IBOTECH made sure that the machine has a strong pressure. Due to this pressure and the easy handling our Roller is the perfect choice for efficient road markings.

1.569,66 €
All prices plus legal value added tax (VAT)