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Traffic safety

– for short-term and long-term

We offer:
  • LED warning road signs and barriers
  • Delivery und arrangement of traffic signs
  • Delivery, placement and deconstruction of guiding thresholds
  • Delivery, placement and sale of warning posts
  • Special road signs for traffic security
  • Transportable safety barriers
  • Transportable traffic lights

Traffic safety, maintenance and service


Road traffic safety is our profession. This implies regular and precise maintenance of current traffic safety measures as well as maintenance of single traffic safety products.

For IBOTECH it is natural to adhere certain rules made by law. At the same time, we pay attention to accurate execution of maintenance-services.

If requested we do install an electronic control system of our maintenance as well as other service activities for our customers.

Our customers can keep an eye on every working operations realized by IBOTECH.

Our well-trained staff is able to eliminate or replace damaged elements immediately – due to IBOTECHS wide portfolio and large number of spare parts often in shortest time.

Mobile road barriers


IBOTECHs transportable safety barriers do comply with the European standard DIN EN 1317 and fulfil all legal regulations for road traffic and traffic construction sites.

Our road barriers do prevent serious accidents with oncoming traffic or with traffic construction site workers – and increase the safety significant.

The professional staff is not only responsible for the orderly construction and installation of the transportable wall elements.

Also, regular checks and maintenance are part of IBOTECHs traffic safety service. If requested we are happy to take responsibility for your traffic construction site managements – including the planning and integration of mobile road barriers in the construction site.

Mobile traffic lights

Transportable traffic lights as mobile elements for traffic safety are for example used when single lanes or a complete direction of travel has to be closed or rerouted.

IBOTECH is providing modern mobile traffic lights with state-of-the-art technique. The main advantage of our transportable traffic lights: IBOETCH uses radio technology with different frequencies – running a cable for traffic lights is no longer necessary.

We are also happy to install remote control. With this feature our customers do have the systems under control in every second.

In this way, a quick reaction to various incidents is possible. Also changing the timing of the mobile traffic lights can be realized.


LED warning road signs and barriers


Extensive warning road signs and barriers with flashing arrows are important to lead the traffic on other lanes in front of construction sites.

The warning signs and road barriers manufactured by IBOTECH comply with the requirements by law and guarantee a great product quality.

Warning panels call early attention to the construction site. These road signs are available in different models and they also work with radio technology.

Thus, it is possible to regulate the signs with radio control.

Also, moveable warning road signs and barriers are part of our product portfolio.

Delivery of traffic signs


A full safety management in traffic construction sites is not complete without warning and information signs.

This is still one of the most important measures. With various traffic signs during the road work the traffic safety will be increased significant.

IBOTECH has a wide product range of traffic signs. Apart from all common warning and information traffic signs, we do create and manufacture individual special road signs for our customers.

Of course, we deliver the traffic signs to your traffic construction site or traffic safety measure and also take care of their installation.

Traffic leading small barriers

Traffic leading barriers or small borders are important to attain an orderly and safe traffic management in construction sites.

They often function as a temporary curb to keep the traffic in line. In this way, the danger of serious accidents with oncoming traffic can be reduced noticeable.

The traffic leading borders manufactured by IBOTECH do fulfil all necessary requirements of a proficient traffic safety management.

In addition, we deliver our products in shortest possible time to the traffic construction site and affix the barrier elements fast and professional.

Warning and leading posts – delivery and installation


Warning posts are necessary to guide the traffic. They are often used near obstacles or potholes to prevent accidents and increase traffic safety.

The posts are an all-round element for more safety in smaller or bigger traffic construction sites. IBOTECH as a manufacturer and service provider offer different types of warning posts.

After your individual request we deliver warning and leading posts as fast as possible to your traffic construction site and install them to ensure a professional traffic safety management.

By the way: IBOTECHs customers can rent or buy our warning posts.

Special road signs for traffic safety


At traffic construction sites sometimes special road signs are required – apart from common warning or informative signs. They are often used to inform the traffic about special circumstances concerning the traffic construction site.

IBOTECH has a wide product portfolio and provides various special road signs for more safety in traffic.

We will be happy to advise you individually and find the best solution for a perfect traffic construction site safety management.

Of course, we are taking care of a fast delivery and a professional installation of the special road signs.