IBO Wand 500-18

Mobile concrete road barrier T3 W1

IBO Wand 500-18

IBOTECHs innovative mobile barrier system IBOWand 500-18: The narrow overall width of 18 cm is unique for these kinds of transportable concrete road barriers.

BASt-checked and certified according to EU-standard 2019 7E 56
Made in Germany
Your Benefits
  • Narrowest
    width of 18 cm
  • Useable also on narrow roads
  • IBOTECH is manufacturer and provider
  • BASt-checked and certified according to EU-standard
Mobile concrete road barrier

IBO WAND 500-18

The innovative IBOWand 500-18 is a useful and powerful addition to IBOTECHs portfolio:

The mobile concrete road barrier is the narrowest barrier system in Germany with strong protection and flexible applicability. Mobile concrete road barriers do increase the safety in road work zones significantly. But usually, they used to be not applicable on narrow roads. The IBOWand 500-18 did solve this problem.

Technical data
IBO WAND 500-18
BASt check 2019 7E 56 / Tested according to DIN EN 1317 (Anchored)
Acceptance test TB 21 TB 41
Vehicle type Car Truck
Test date 09.05.2018 11.12.2018
Containment level T3 T3
Test location Fakt GmbH, Benningen Fakt GmbH, Benningen
Test length / Minimum
installation length
144 m 144 m
Ground anchoring Yes (only at the start) Yes (only at the start)
Terminal elements not necessary, optional possible not necessary, optional possible
System specification
TB 21 TB 41
Material Steel and concrete Steel and concrete
Height 0,518 m 0,518 m
Length of element 6 m 6 m
System width 0,18 m 0,18 m
Weight per m 150 kg 150 kg
Test result
TB 21 TB 41
Deflection 0,3m 0,6m
Area of influence W1 W1
ASI-Value 0,3 (A) --
IBO WAND 500-18