Primer pressure sprayer


Our self-developed pressure sprayer affixes primer in preparation for pavement marking tape.

Made in Germany
Your benefits
  • Simple
    handling and lightweight
  • Consistent spraying pressure
  • Spotless affixing of primer
  • Important basis for pavement markings

Primer pressure sprayer for preparation of pavement markings

IBOTECHs sprayer provides the even application of the primer

Dependability, precision and efficiency are important features of a primer pressure sprayer for preparation of pavement markings. Because the application of the primer happens directly before the laminated road marking tape is affixed to the pavement.

IBOTECHs primer sprayer is accurate, very simple to handle and dependable. Although the pressure sprayer is lightweight, it is robust and working on rough or uneven terrain is not a problem. With our sprayer the application of the primer for the pavement marking tape is easy and efficient.

The most important characteristics

of IBOTECHs primer pressure sprayer

Consistent pressure

One major advantage of IBOTECHs sprayer is the strong and consistent spraying pressure for application of the primer.

Simple handling and lightweight

Despite the robustness of the sprayer the marking machine is lightweight and simple to handle – for efficient pavement markings.

Robust and durable

IBOTECHs primer sprayer is resistant – accurate operation is possible also on difficult terrain.

Precise and dependable

With the pressure sprayer the application of the primer is accurate and dependable.

Simple construction

Our sprayer is constructed simple and efficient – there is no need for anything else

Important step

Every little work step is important concerning road markings, this includes a perfect priming

Primer pressure sprayer

Careful preparation is important for road markings

IBOTECH is known for great product quality not only concerning the marking machines, but also for preparation and postprocessing machines.

The sprayer is an effective machine for thorough and consistent priming.

Technical data
Primer pressure sprayer
Technical data
Product description Hand-guided primer-prayer for pavement marking tape
Name Sprayer
Technical dimensions 655 x 330 x 900mm (l x w x h)
Weight around 23kg