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Road safety locations

Road safety locations

The IBOTECH GmbH & Co. KG is one of the biggest road safety companies in Germany. Especially with security of road work and construction sites as well as all-in-one construction site service IBOTECH grew a lot in the past years.

Our service for safeguarding construction sites includes the entire package: Consulting, planning, quick delivery and installation of all necessary elements – IBOTECH is the suitable partner for you.

Your advantages:

  • Fast and competent processing of individual inquiries
  • Professional consultancy concerning traffic management
  • Professional planning of road work safety
  • Delivery of all necessary traffic signs
  • Safety for the whole traffic (cars, pedestrians and else)
  • Full road work service including installation and dismantling
  • Speed, competence, quality and professionality

Safeguarding a construction site – multifaceted especially in urban areas

Road safety locations

Mostly there is a duty to safeguard construction sites – accuracy is important in that case. The reason: Especially in urban areas different aspects must be considered. Besides cars and other motorized vehicles there are also pedestrians and bicyclists in these areas.

Therefore usually also safeguarding bike-lanes and sidewalks is important.

In general the issue of safeguarding construction sites is versatile. On the one hand side there is a need for a good road work safety concept. On the other hand side the traffic must be lead through the construction site easily – a well-thought-out planning is important.

Often various traffic and warning signs are required for road safety. IBOTECH delivers the necessary signs including transportable traffic lights.

IBOTECH is safeguarding road works – in many locations

Road safety locations

Safeguarding road work is a challenge in particular in big cities or metropolitan areas. IBOTECH knows how to deal with these conditions. IBOTECHs safeguarding locations includes Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Würzburg and the whole Rhein-Main and Rhein-Neckar regions.

But not every road work is similar. That’s why flexibility during consultancy and experience are very important factors for planning to safeguard road work.

On multi-lane streets in big cities and smaller roads in rural areas there are obviously different aspects important concerning safety.

That’s why individual guidance is necessary for each inquiry. Our service includes consultancy, delivery and installation of all parts of safeguarding the road work. IBOTECH is your partner in terms of safeguarding road works and traffic planning in many locations.