IBO Wand 850

Mobile road barrier system for traffic safety

IBO Wand 850

The transportable concrete safety barrier system H1 W4 is characterized by robustness and a flexible applicability.

BASt-checked and certified according to EU-standard 2014 7E 57
Made in Germany
Your Benefits
  • Effective
    in road work zones
  • Flexibly useable
    in different areas
  • Extremely stable and robust
  • BASt-checked and certified according to EU-standard
Mobile concrete road barrier


The mobile concrete road barrier IBOWand 850 increases the safety in road work zones and improves the flow of traffic.

The transportable safety barrier system is developed and manufactured by IBOTECH. The IBOWand 850 is a strong protection system for almost every road and highway. Due to a fast and easy assembly, the resilient concrete road barriers can be installed during usual road traffic.

Technical data
BASt check 2014 7E 57 / Tested according to DIN EN 1317 (Anchored)
Acceptance test TB 11 TB 42
Vehicle type Car Truck
Test date 12.12.2013 12.12.2013
Containment level H1 H1
Test location TÜV Süd München TÜV Süd München
Test length / Minimum
installation length
96 m 96 m
Ground anchoring Yes (1st and last element) Yes (1st and last element)
Terminal elements not necessary, optional possible not necessary, optional possible
System specification
TB 11 TB 42
Material Steel and concrete Steel and concrete
Height 0,85 m 0,85 m
Length of element 6 m 6 m
System width 0,50 m 0,50 m
Weight per m 333 kg 333 kg
Test result
TB 11 TB 42
Deflection 0,8m 1,3m
Area of influence W2 W4
ASI-Value 1,4 (B) --