Road Taper+

IBOTECHs patented machine for pavement markings

Road Taper+

The Road Taper + is a proof for IBOTECHs high innovative power. With our Road Taper + pavement marking tape can be attached fast, precise and efficient.

Made in Germany
Your benefits
  • Quick &
    pavement markings
  • Self-developed & patented road marking machine
  • Operating speed
    up to 8 km/h
  • Accuracy and a simple handling
Road Taper+

Advanced pavement markings

For temporary and permanent road markings – the Road Taper + by IBOTECH

The patented Road Taper + is particularly suitable for pavement markings on longer distances. Because the motorized machine operates with a speed up to 8 km/h. The Road Taper + is appropriate for temporary pavement markings in larger road work zones as well as for permanent pavement markings.

The Road Taper + is able to apply up to 40 km pavement marking tape per day – multiple-shift operation and night work is possible. Due to the smart cutting control system, the time-consuming application of the length markings is not applicable.

The most important characteristics

Innovative, fast and professional: Pavement markings with our Road Taper +

Fast and dependable

The operating speed of the Road Taper + is up to 8 km/h – attaching marking tape up to 40 km per day

Precise and professional

Precise and professional With the Road Taper + absolute accuracy and resistant markings are self-evident – which increases the safety of all traffic

Environmentally friendly and efficient

The Road Taper + has a precise cutting control system, additional length markings are not applicable – this is eco-friendly and saves time and money

Innovative and patented

As developer and manufacturer of the Road Taper + IBOTECH did successfully apply for a patent

Customer oriented and effective

The Road Taper + is taken to the operation site in short time, if requested the staff will work 24 hours per day and 7 days a weekv

Flexible and simple handling

The Road Taper + is suitable for temporary pavement markings as well as permanent white road markings

Road Taper+
Own development and patented

The Road Taper + is a great example for how innovation revolutionizes traffic safety.

IBOTECH is developer and manufacturer of the patented, motorized pavement marking machine Road Taper + for an advanced traffic safety. With speed, efficiency and accuracy the Road Taper + brings pavement marking tape on the road.

One of the main advantages of the Road Taper + is the very simple handling. Temporary markings in road work zones as well as permanent pavement markings are fast and precisely done by IBOTECHs Road Taper +.

Technical data
road marking machine
Technical data
Product description Motorized marking machine for pavement markings
Name Road Taper+
Technical dimensions 1,7 x 0,75 x 1,3 m (l x w x h)
Weight 450kg
Motor Twin cylinders air-cooled,
Kawasaki FH 430, 15 PS (11,02 kW)
Consumption 7 l / 100 Km
Tank capacity 12 l
Oil capacity 1 l
Maximum speed Forwards: 9 Km/h; Backwards 9 Km/h
Driving speed in use 5 to 6 Km/h
Cutting length 1,5 m, 3,0 m and 6,0 preset