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Traffic light system

More safety in road work areas with mobile traffic lights

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Mobile traffic lights are an important part of a traffic safety portfolio – IBOTECHs mobile traffic light systems are high-quality, flexibly useable and absolutely dependable.

  • State-of-the-art mobile traffic lights
  • - Quick delivery and installation
  • - Instruction and programming on site
  • - Dependable and flexibly useable
  • All services from one source
Mobile traffic lights

Individually programmable traffic lights systems

Mobile traffic lights are one of the most important factors of traffic safety in road work zones with narrowed or closed lanes. We are taking care of all services concerning temporary traffic lights including installation and programming.

Our mobile traffic light systems are sophisticated, easy to handle and dependable. IBOTECH is known for many years of experience in the field of traffic safety with first-class equipment – for more safety and an effective road traffic.