Pavement roller for marking tape


IBOTECHs pressure roller finalizes pavement markings and ensures ground adhesion of road marking tape.

Made in Germany
Your benefits:
  • Narrow
    design & easy to handle
  • Strong contact pressure up to 90 kilograms
  • Steady pressure ensures ground adhesion
  • Intuitive operation and simple transport

Strong hand-guided pavement roller for marking tape

The pressure roller by IBOTECH guarantees ground adhesion of tape

After the application of temporary and permanent pavement marking tape, the pressure roller goes into action. The roller is taking care of the essential ground adhesion of the marking tape.

IBOTECHs roller is characterized by two major aspects: The pavement roller is easy to handle and at the same time equipped with a strong contact pressure of up to 90 kilograms. Important is also a steady pressure.

The most important characteristics

of IBOTECHs pavement roller

Steady and strong pressure

The roller by IBOTECH is characterized by a strong and at the same time steady and consistent pressure.

Powerful ground adhesion

Due to the strong pressure the ground adhesion of the marking tape is excellent.

Handy construction

Despite of the strong pressure, the roller is narrow, handy and lightweight – which makes transport and operation easy.

Robust and flexible

IBOTECHs roller isflexibly useable because of the narrow design – at the same time it is very robust.

Intuitive operability

The roller is constructed extremely simple and thus very intuitively operable

Effortless transport

The transport of IBOTECHs Roller is easy due to the compact dimension

Decent road holding

Pavement roller for the final touch of road markings

IBOTECHs roller is an effective and simple machine for the final touch of professional road markings. On the one hand side the machine is very robust.

On the other hand, the roller is constructed handy and intuitively operable. With IBOTECH marking tape can be applied to the road accurate.

Technical data
Pavement roller
Technical data
Product description Hand-guided pressure roller for pavement marking tape
Name Roller
Technical dimensions 1170 x 480 x 920mm (l x w x h)
Weight around 90kg