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IBO Mobile cantilever arm

More safety with perfect visibility

Your advantages:
  • Flexibly usable, bars with wingspan of 5 meters
  • Perfect visibility for example for trucks
  • Statically checked by ZTV-ING
  • Highest product quality of own manufactory
  • Simple and quick installation by IBOTECH
Made in Germany

IBO Mobile cantilever arm: Display of special obstacles

IBO Mobile cantilever arm
IBO Mobile cantilever arm
IBO Mobile cantilever arm

A cantilever arm for road traffic is rising the transparency and the safety for all traffic users. The horizontal arm is ideal for displaying special obstacles and barriers and its maximum height in front of tunnels, bridges or temporary road works. With a cantilever arm the visibility of this kind of information is very efficient.

With a wingspan of 5 meters the IBO Mobile cantilever arm is usable in almost every highway or freeway. The cantilever arm for road traffic is very flexibly usable. In shortest time the traffic safety element can be delivered and installed by skilled workers.

The biggest advantage of a cantilever arm for road traffic is the great visibility of the information for greater vehicles as trucks or busses. The display is immediately visible also in the dark or in bad weather conditions. In this way, the vehicles know if they are allowed to pass for example the upcoming tunnel.

IBOTECHs self-developed and manufactured cantilever arms are statically checked by the „Zusätzliche Technische Vertragsbedingungen und Richtlinien für Ingenieurbauten“ (ZTV-ING). This inspection guarantees a first-class product quality to increase the safety for the traffic.

Manufacturer of the IBO Mobile cantilever arm

IBO Mobile cantilever arm

IBOTECH is not only a service-provider but also developer and manufacturer for innovative traffic safety elements. The IBO Mobile cantilever arm includes 2 masts of aluminum as well as a foundation – manufactured by IBOTECH.

Because of the development and manufacturing IBOTECH can guarantee the best product quality. On the other side this simplifies the service. Manufacturing and service are coming from one provider.

Like this we ensure that innovative traffic safety elements like the IBO Mobile cantilever arm can be delivered as soon as possible. IBOTECHs idea: From request to delivery in shortest time.

First-class service: delivery, installation and deconstruction
IBO Mobile cantilever arm

Our services include the fast delivery of the products. Besides production and delivery IBOTECH is also taking care of the orderly installation of the cantilever arm for roads.

The scope of delivery includes a stick and arm made of aluminum lattice mast as well as a precast-foundation. In addition, the later deconstruction of the traffic arm will also be realized by IBOTECHs staff.

Customer-friendliness, speed, dependability and competence are the benefits of IBOTECHs first-class service from one source. Our staff is professional and well trained.

Perfect visibility with our cantilever arm

IBO Mobile cantilever arm

With the innovative cantilever arm IBOTECH has developed a new product and expanded its portfolio for traffic safety elements. The bar is an ideal element to visualize an upcoming maximum height in front of tunnel or bridges.

This applies especially for trucks and busses, but also for the entire vehicles on the road. They all will be warned against upcoming obstacles. The cantilever arm will be mounted on the side of the road and won´t hinder any vehicle.

The IBO Mobile cantilever arm is statically checked by ZTV-ING and is characterized by a great quality. With IBOTECH everything works from one source: We are the manufacturer and service-provider for traffic safety products.