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Alternating traffic management

Modern traffic management in road work areas

Your advantages:
  • Avoiding of traffic jams due to flexible traffic management
  • Increasing the safety in traffic construction sites
  • Rarer interruption of construction measures
  • Less closing of complete highways or lanes
  • Modern technique for innovative traffic management
  • Competent and fast service is guaranteed

Alternating traffic management by IBOTECH

Alternating traffic management

Due to an increasing traffic volume and partly ailing streets, traffic construction sites are business as usual on German highways – and there will be even more traffic construction sites for years to come.

In combination with the high level of traffic volume, a modern traffic management is necessary to avoid traffic jams and to improve the safety for all road users in traffic construction sites. In this context the innovative concept of an alternating traffic management is taking effect.

With the variable LED traffic sings, manufactured by our partner in traffic safety technology – IBOMADE – IBOTECH is putting the theoretical concept of alternating traffic management into practice. With us as an expert in the field of traffic security you will increase the safety in traffic construction sites substantial and prevent unnecessary traffic jams.

How does alternating traffic management work?

Alternating traffic management

The principle of alternating traffic management is easy and efficient: During necessary road construction works on highways or multilane freeways the remaining lanes, which are not affected by the road works, are used as effective as possible.

Because often not both directions of travel are demanded in the same intensity at the same time. For example: In the so called 2+1 alternating traffic management two lanes are used in one direction of travel during the rush hour in the morning and one is used for the opposite direction.

In the afternoon this allocation can be switched around – because of the dynamic traffic management. In this way major traffic jams can be avoided and despite of the road works the traffic remains fluent most of the time.

IBOTECH implements alternating traffic management
Alternating traffic management

IBOTECH is one of the biggest companies in traffic safety management in Southern Germany and has many years of experience. In addition, we are characterized by innovation capacity and state-of-the-art traffic engineering.

As a service provider for variable traffic management, we guarantee dynamic and safety in road traffic. The LED traffic signs by our partner IBOMADE are individual programmable. In this context they are usable for an alternating traffic management in every kind of traffic situation.

Besides a perfectly visible display, the highest level of dependability is important for variable traffic signs. The reason: Safety is always the number one priority – even though a fluent traffic is the second goal. IBOTECHs variable LED traffic signs can guarantee a safe and efficient alternating traffic management.

Efficient alternating traffic management by variable LED traffic signs

Alternating traffic management

Innovation, dependability and stability are the most important criteria for a modern traffic management. With IBOTECH our customers can rely on both. Firstly, we implement modern traffic management like the dynamic alternating traffic management with a future-oriented product.

On the other hand, also reliability, security and a great service are also part of our company philosophy. IBOTECH is characterized by a great product-quality and a customer-oriented and outstanding service. Our staff is competent, always friendly and reacts as fast as possible to individual request. In shortest time we deliver our products to your traffic construction site.

The advantages of an alternating traffic management are multifarious: Unnecessary traffic jams can be avoided or reduced – which increases the safety in road traffic supplementary. Road works do not have to be stopped frequently due to the flexible and dynamic use of lanes. As a result, traffic construction sites can be finalized quicker.

With an alternating traffic management sometimes also closing of complete highways or single directions of travel can be prevented. With IBOTECH you choose a competent partner to implement modern alternating traffic management to your construction site. We are looking forward to your individual and of course nonbinding request.