IBOTECHs specialty


IBOTECH is known for great traffic safety and pavement markings – because our method of operating as well as the products and machines are characterized by innovation and efficiency. With us modern traffic safety and traffic technology belong together.

Innovative product range

In-house developed marking machines and effective traffic safety

Our in-house developed and manufactured marking machines are partly patented. Our mobile concrete road barriers and other products of traffic safety are state-of-the-art.

Innovation is our trademark

Road work zone safety

New mobile road barriersR

Pavement markings
Pavement markings

Self-developed machines

Traffic routing
Traffic routing

Modern traffic technology

traffic routing modern traffic technology

Innovative state-of-the-art
traffic safety

Traffic safety rethought
With creativity
and courage

IBOTECH was and is pioneer for rethought and reorganized traffic safety. We love innovation and strike new paths every day – for more efficiency and safety. This is our specialty.