Mobile cantilever arm


The mobile cantilever arm IBO-tKA Stahl features a modular system and up to 8 meters range for various temporary signage. The minimum clearance
is 5 meters.

Made in Germany
Up to…
1,2 kilonewton (kN)Wind load
8 meters range
5 meters clearance
5,5 square meter mounting surface
…depending on technical and exterior requirements

Cantilever arm for all roads Straßen

IBOTECHs cantilever arm tKA Stahl features a maximum range of 8 meters, so that it is suitable for every freeway or expressway as well as for many different traffic signs. The minimum clearance is 5 meters (measured from lower edge of traffic sign to top edge of surface) also with larger signage. Thus, heavy-duty transport is not a problem for our cantilever arm.

Jib and counter jib

Perfect stability

Jib and counter jib

Concrete base
Modularly expandable

Traffic signs

Maximum flexibility

Traffic signs
Individual signage

for advanced road work zones

Individual signage
Variable cantilever arm

traffic signs

The temporary cantilever arm IBO-tKA Stahl can function as a mount for basis-signage. Also, for large traffic signs with a maximum height of 2.7 meters and a width of 2.2 meters. In addition, up to 2 LED-message signs of our partner company IBOMADE with 64x96 pixel can be attached on the cantilever arm – for example above different traffic lanes or at the head of the counter jib.

Temporary cantilever arm

State-of-the-art traffic technology

Mobile cantilever arm IBO-TKA Stahl

When required, the individual LED-message signs are energy self-sufficient: A photovoltaic module can be installed via tripod pole on the concrete base. This is state-of-the-art traffic technology with a modularly cantilever arm-system.

Technical data
IBO-tKa Stahl
Technical data
Product description Mobile cantilever arm
Name IBO-tKa Stahl
Technical dimensions 1.2kN, 8 meters range, 5 meters clearance, 5,5qm² mounting surface
Foundation dimensions Concrete/steel LxBxH: 3mx1mx1m
Mobile cantilever arm IBO-TKA Stahl