Removal of pavement markings

Precise road markings do increase the safety in traffic.

Your benefits

The removal of old pavement marking tape is important, too. IBOTECH manages the removal of marking tape fast and residue-free.

  • Residue-free removal of pavement markings
  • Fast and clean detaching of marking tape
  • Handy machine for removal
  • Qualified staff for more efficiency
Removal of pavement markings

Removal of road marking tape with IBOTECH

Accurate removal of pavement marking tape is essential for a safe traffic. Whereas marking over or unprecise markings can be an immediate danger for the traffic. IBOTECH is the expert for a quick and residue-free removal of road marking tape.

With IBOTECH the removing of pavement marking tape is eco-friendly and efficient with only little recycling costs. Our specially developed machine for removing the markings does roll the tape automatically.