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Mobile road barrier emergency opening

More safety in traffic construction sites with emergency opening in barriers

Your advantages:
  • Fast help in case of an accident
  • Easier access from opposite lanes
  • More security for traffic and road workers
  • Modern equipment of IBOTECHs road barriers
  • Emergency openings are easily usable
  • Instruction in case of emergency are easy to understand
Made in Germany

Manufacturer of road barriers with emergency opening

Mobile road barrier emergency opening

As manufacturer of mobile road barriers and as of the biggest companies for traffic safety in Southern Germany, IBOTECH has many years of experience and a first-class product quality of transportable safety barriers.

Our concrete wall systems for construction sites recently provides another innovation: They are equipped with so called SOS ports – with emergency openings which can be very important in case of serious accidents. Emergency openings even can safe life of victims in special traffic situations.

Due to the emergency openings IBOTECHs transportable safety barriers can be opened quickly to both sides after a serious accident. In that way, the emergency personnel can reach accident victims very fast and also the following traffic can be redirected in a more efficient way.

Why are these emergency openings important?

Mobile road barrier emergency opening

First of all: Mobile road barriers do care for a much safer traffic in road construction sites and reduce the danger of serious accidents with oncoming traffic substantial.

But the transportable barriers sometimes impede, that the emergency personnel can reach the accident site quickly. If ambulance, fire service, police and other want to reach the site from the oncoming traffic lanes, emergency openings do help them to pass safety barriers efficient and fast.

In this way the victims can be helped quicker – they can be treated by doctors or freed from dangerous situations much faster. On the other side SOS ports can help the emergency personnel to establish a fluent traffic after the accident.

SOS ports at IBOTECHs road barriers
Mobile road barrier emergency opening

Of course, an easy operability is very important for emergency openings. To ensure this, IBOTECH as a manufacturer of mobile road barriers with many years of experience, did invent emergency openings with a simple operating principle.

With easily understandable instructions the SOS ports in transportable barriers are opened in a simple way. Thus, emergency personnel can actually reach accident victims quickly and the security of all traffic users will be increased sustainable.

Because of modern mobile road barriers with emergency openings and the reliable and quick service, IBOTECH is characterized by competence and innovation in traffic security. We are your perfect partner for more safety in traffic construction sites.

Mobile road barriers with emergency openings provides more safety

Mobile road barrier emergency opening

Transportable safety barriers should not be traps in the case of serious accidents. In this extreme situation they also should provide safety in road traffic. For this reason, emergency openings are integrated in our road barriers. Those do care for a simple and quick access to victims of an accident or demolished vehicles.

Especially in traffic construction sites with Mobile road barrier emergency opening the emergency openings can be an important factor for emergency personnel to get quick access to the accident situation. In a modern traffic management, the SOS ports in mobile road barriers are significant elements to increase the safety for the traffic and road construction workers.

As a manufacturer for transportable safety barriers IBOTECH equipped the wall elements with emergency openings. We offer a wide portfolio of traffic safety products and improve them steadily with advancements and innovative concepts. For this reason, IBOTECH is the perfect partner for safeguarding your traffic construction site.

Due to the fast and dependable service, the road barrier elements with emergency openings are quickly delivered to the traffic construction site. Our well trained and competent staff is taking care of the implementation on site. We are looking forward to your nonbinding and individual request for transportable safety barriers with emergency openings.