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Transportable safety barrier T1 W2

IBO Wand 500 | width 24 cm | relevant width 12 cm

Your advantages:
  • Checked by BASt
  • High-class quality
  • Fair conditions and prices
  • Simple construction
    and deconstruction
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Made in Germany

Transportable safety barrier T1 W2

Transportable safety barrier T1 W2

IBOTECH is one of the biggest companies for traffic safety in Southern Germany and has many years of experience as manufacturer of transportable safety barriers. Our IBOWand 500 increases the safety in traffic significant.

As protection wall and traffic leading elements they reduce the danger of serious accidents and care for a smooth traffic. The most important characteristic of a mobile road barrier is a first-class product quality.

Our transportable safety barrier T1 W2 fulfills the directive of the European standard DIN EN 1317, which regulates the requirements for road barriers. In addition, they are certified by the Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt).

Manufacturer of mobile road barriers

Transportable safety barrier T1 W2

But IBOTECH is not only the producer of transportable safety barriers. We take care of all necessary services and the whole process concerning safety measures in your traffic construction site.

From the first request for road barriers to delivery, implementation and deconstruction IBOTECH is the best partner for you. Because we keep an eye on high-class quality as well as efficiency – everything from one source.

The transportable safety barrier T1 W2 provides more security for the traffic in construction sites and is leading the traffic. In this way, unnecessary traffic jams can be avoided too.

More security with high speed
Transportable safety barrier T1 W2

Often speed is an important factor for the safety in traffic construction sites. Mobile road barriers have to be delivered and built up in shortest possible time. Our competent staff is the guarantor for this.

If necessary, we do shift-work to take care of your concerns. As a major factor our products – for example the transportable and temporary safety barrier T1 W2 - are predestined for a fast service.

The IBOWand 500 is very robust but quickly and in large amounts deliverable. Due to its simple construction we are able to install, deconstruct or exchange single elements if damaged in minimum time.

As manufacturer and service-provider: Competent and first-class quality

Transportable safety barrier T1 W2

IBOTECH is known for a customer-oriented service and a first-class product quality. With the transportable safety barrier T1 W2 we created and manufactured a perfect security wall system for traffic construction sites.

In addition to the great quality, our innovative IBOWand 500 is quickly deliverable and installed in short time. The road barriers can be implemented even without closing the streets and with moving traffic.

The BASt-checked road barriers are increasing the safety substantial. In the same time, they are flexibly usable on almost every road. With IBOTECH security and flexibility are no longer a contrast.

The staff is well trained and reliable as well as quick. If requested, we will be happy to consult you in all questions of your traffic construction site safety management and will take care of a safer traffic.

We are the experienced manufacturer of mobile road barriers and guarantee best product quality. Our service-team is reacting quickly to individual and non-binding requests to the transportable safety barrier T1 W2.


BASt check 2013 7E 61
TEST TB 21 TB 41
Vehicle type Car truck
TEST DATE: 07.02.2013 08.02.2013
TEST LOCATION: TÜV Süd München TÜV Süd München
TEST LENGTH: 150 m 150 m
  TB 21 Car 07.02.2013 T3 TÜV Süd München 150 m No
  TB 41 truck 08.02.2013 T3 TÜV Süd München 150 m No
System specification
TB 21 TB 41
MATERIALS Steel and concrete Steel and concrete
HEIGHT 0,52 m 0,52 m
SYSTEM WIDTH 0,12 m 0,12 m
PROJECTED WIDTH: 0,24 m 0,18 m
WEIGHT PER M 150 kg 150 kg
  TB 21 Steel and concrete 0,52 m 6 m 0,12 m 0,24 m 150 kg
  TB 41 Steel and concrete 0,52 m 6 m 0,12 m 0,18 m 150 kg
Test result
TB 21 TB 41
Durchbiegung: 0,3m 0,7m
ASI-VALUE 0,3 (A) --
  TB 21 0,3m W1 0,3 (A)
  TB 41 0,7m W2 --
Transportable-Schutzeinrichtung IBO Wand 500
Transportable-Schutzeinrichtung IBO Wand 500