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Sprayer marking tape


Your advantages:
  • Light, easy handling but sturdy construction
  • Individual choices for adjustments
  • Constant spraying and accurate markings
  • Minimum spray quantity of Sprayer: 220 to 350 ml / m²
Made in Germany

Sprayer: Marking tape flexible and fast

In road work different factors are important: The work must be done quickly, flexibility is important but without disregarding accuracy. With the sprayer these aspects can be guaranteed.

The reason: The sprayer for marking tape is very easy to handle and quickly ready for use. The machine is taking care of an efficient (temporary) marking tape. The sprayer is the best solution if fast and thoroughly marking works are needed.

For IBOTECH the quality of the innovative machines is of course important. Also a quick and dependable reaction to customer inquiries is significant for us. This applies naturally for the sprayer too.

The sprayer is light but robust

Sprayer marking tape

Often very effective and precise machines are heavy and not easy to handle. IBOTECHs pressure sprayer is different. It is very light and thus easy to handle. But in the same time the sprayer is robust and is working accurate.

The spraying pressure is strong and constant. Concerning the lightness of the machine it is not a matter of course. Just little manpower is needed for our sprayer because of its easy handling. The pros of the sprayer are its efficiency and robustness.

IBOTECH and the sprayer: great service and first class quality

Sprayer marking tape

You need a sprayer for marking tape as soon as possible? Than IBOTECHs sprayer is the solution. The exclusively developed machine is easy to handle – and in the same time it is robust and accurate.

But not only should the first class quality of our sprayer be pointed out.

IBOTECH stands for friendly, competent and quick customer service. Our reaction to inquiries is fast – service and quality are working hand in hand.

The transport of the sprayer is not a problem because of its little weight.

The good handling makes working easy. Find out yourself about the quality of IBOTECHs general service and the innovative sprayer.