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Road Taper+: Road markings with white marking tape

Better long-distance road markings with IBOTECH

Your advantages:
  • Higher visibility in darkness or wet road conditions
  • Increased safety for traffic
  • Good adhesive bonding on the ground
  • Using of marking tape A 380 ESD by 3M
  • With Road Taper+ long-distance markings are possible
Wir nutzen 3M Fahrbahnmarkierungen

Marking tape “type II” on highways and freeways

Road markings with white marking tape

Due to the decree of the state government Baden-Württemberg, all forthcoming road markings should be the so called “type II” of marking tape. These are characterized by a strong adhesive bonding and easy affixing possibilities.

With the profiled white marking tape also the visibility of road markings in bad weather conditions with rain and a wet roadway is better. This automatically increases the safety of all road users and traffic construction site workers.

Another reason for the new decree is the future trend autonomous driving. With marking tape “type II” the security and functionality of autonomous driving should be guaranteed in the long run.

IBOTECH as manufacturer of marking machine Road Taper+

Road markings with white marking tape

As developer and manufacturer of the Road Taper+ IBOTECH has an innovative machine for road markings in the portfolio. With the patented marking machine long-distance road markings of white marking tape can be affixed.

So far this was implemented mostly by hand operated marking machines. With the automatic and motorized Road Taper+ the road markings will be affixed fast and precise – probably the most important qualities. A lack of precision will lead to unsafe traffic situations.

Speed is an important aspect of modern road markings anyway. Avoiding unnecessary traffic jams is one of the top priorities in traffic management – especially because of the higher utilization of highways and freeways in the past years.

Modern marking tape for road markings by 3M
Road markings with white marking tape

For affixing of modern road markings with our Road Taper+ IBOTECH uses the strong and self-adhesive marking tape (type II) by the innovative company 3M.

This kind of marking tape provides perfect adhesive bonding on the road. Also, the visibility is much better compared to other marking tapes due to the special waffle-design. This increases the safety for the traffic and avoids short-dated rectification.

By using the marking tape A 380 ESD on IBOTECHs Road Taper+ it is now possible to affix a long distance of permanent white marking tape of type II in very short time – quick, efficient and reliable.

IBOTECH affixes modern marking tape (type II) on longer distances

Avoiding traffic jams, a higher visibility and thereby an increased safety for the traffic are the reasons for the decree of the state government Baden-Württemberg for using modern marking tape type II. Further advantages of the white and profiled marking tape are the very good adhesive bonding and the simple affixing possibilities.

IBOTECH uses the marking tape A 380 ESD (type II) by 3M to implement the permanent markings on the road. 3M has developed one of the most innovative and modern marking tapes for a state-of-the-art traffic management. With IBOTECHs marking machine Road Taper+ a long distance of marking tape can be affixed in short time.

In contrast to hand-operated marking machines the road markings are fast and efficient with our Road Taper+. In the same time the very important aspects precision and reliability are not neglected. Due to the innovative technique, the motorized and automatic road marking machine combines all relevant issues of modern road markings.

The combination of white and permanent type II road marking tape and IBOTECHs marking machine Road Taper+ is the reason for the highest level of efficiency in road markings. This avoids unnecessary traffic jams and increases the safety – also when the ground is wet or during darkness. We are looking forward to your request.