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Road Taper +: automatic marking machine for longer distances

marking machine

In contrast to the hand-operated Road Taper the automatic marking machine, the innovative Road Taper +, is perfect for temporary road markings on longer distances.

The motorized machine is not as handy and small as the hand operated Road Taper but many kilometers of temporary road markings can be placed.

The motorized Road Taper + is dependable and precise. Also the handling of the marking machine is very easy and makes comfortable and efficient work possible. If temporary road markings are needed for a longer distances our Road Taper + is the best choice.

Puller: Effective and eco-friendly demarking

demarking machine

Demarking is an essential part of temporary road marking works.

Speed and accuracy are fundamental in demarking works. Our innovative and self-made demarking machine Puller can do both.

The Puller is ready for operation immediately, only little manpower is needed to handle the machine and it demarks the tape precise.

Road Taper: marking machine with simple handling – precise and dependable

marking machine

The most important part of temporary road markings is obviously the marking itself. An excellent marking machine is easy to handle on the one hand as well as precise and effective on the other.

This is why our Road Taper is a perfect choice for road marking works.

The hand-operated marking machine is accurate and dependable. Since the Road Taper is hand-operated it is a good solution for shorter distances – for longer distances IBOTECHs motorized Road Taper + is the perfect choice. Our Road Taper has a weight of 40 kilogram and is easy to transport and handle. Of course the marking machine is still robust and precise.

Roller: Pressure roller for road marking tape is small and strong

Pressure roller

Temporary road markings should survive for quite a long time. To guarantee longevity the temporary markings need pressure. IBOTECH developed the Roller for this important procedure.

The Roller is very handy and small. So transportation is not a problem and the handling is easy. But still the hand-operated machine has a strong surface pressure. With our Roller the temporary marking tape stays on the road.

Sprayer: Our sprayer is handy and works constant


Temporary road markings need special preparation and a solid sprayer is important for this preparations. Our sprayer combines different qualities – for example its little weight for an easy transportation and handling.

In the same time the sprayer is robust and works decent on rough terrain, the pressure of spraying is constant. With our exclusively developed sprayer IBOTECH-customers can pick an effective machine for important preparation works of temporary road makings.