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Pressure roller road marking tape


Your advantages:
  • Light, slim and easy to handle
  • Strong pressure
  • Effective and precise results
Made in Germany

Pressure roller for road marking tape: These qualities are significant

Especially in road work areas temporary road markings are very important. They help to avoid traffic jams and to provide safety.

These temporary markings usually have to be done quickly.

In this case not only the marking machine itself is important. Also the so called pressure roller for road markings has to be first class quality.

Because markings with very short time of permanency are useless.

The Roller is a pressure roller for road markings developed exclusively by IBOTECH.

Our Roller has a very good handling and is easy to transport. In the same time it is robust and has a strong surface pressure.

In road marking works IBOTECH is always a great partner for you – also with our first class pressure roller.

Our pressure roller for road markings – small and strong

Pressure roller road marking tape

Temporary road markings have to be done quickly.

If the machines are flexible and easy to transport it is a plus. Besides other machines of IBOTECH the Roller is light and easy to handle – and easy to transport.

The handling is smooth and intuitive. Because of its slim design the pressure roller can also be used in difficult accessible parts.

These are the main differences of our Roller compared to pressure roller from other companies.

Of course a pressure roller should not be just small and easy to handle.

The most important thing is the surface pressure. One big pro of our Roller is the strong and constant pressure on the road for solid markings –it’s the combination of light handling and strength.

A competent service is also important

Pressure roller road marking tape

No doubt: The quality of machines for temporary road markings is a key aspect.

Speaking about a pressure roller for markings the significant qualities are strong surface pressure, easy handling and easy transportation.

But as nearly as important is a friendly and competent service.

IBOTECH is famous for its exclusively developed and innovative machines and its great service.

We respond to individual inquiries quickly and competent. For transportation and working on site often little manpower is needed. But if necessary our team is doing shift-work as well.

Preparation, pressing on and placing the temporary marking tape: IBOTECH is your perfect partner – competent, flexible and professional..