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Mobile LED traffic jam warning system

Early detection with high-quality traffic safety technology

Your advantages:
  • Modern technology for a better traffic management
  • Early traffic jam detection for more safety
  • LED lighting for a better visibility
  • Intelligent and quick traffic jam detection system
  • Autarkic energy due to solar-powered batteries
Made in Germany

The LED traffic jam warning system: Energy self-sufficient innovation by our partner IBOMADE

Mobile LED Stauwarnanlage

IBOTECH is a leading company in optimized traffic management and traffic safety in Germany. We are the provider for state-of-the-art traffic safety technology such as the LED traffic jam warning system. With an automatic traffic detection system, the traffic can react quickly to dangerous situation. Automation and accessing to the system everywhere and anytime are the reasons for making this possible.

Our partner in traffic safety technology – the IBOMADE GmbH – developed (and manufactures) the innovative LED traffic jam detection system. The detection system has many advantages, for example a quick data transfer, a better visibility and dependability. What makes the traffic jam detection system unique is the energy self-sufficiency with its solar-powered batterie. And regularly battery replacement is a thing of the past.

Mobile LED traffic jam warning system: early detection with innovative technology

Mobile LED Stauwarnanlage

Early traffic jam detection is very important due to the danger of serious accidents and rear-end collisions. Especially in or right in front of traffic construction sites it can be necessary for safety reasons to identify a traffic jam timely.

With the modern and innovative traffic jam detection system by IBOTECH and our partner company IBOMADE, the traffic can react quickly, the speed can be throttled and dangerous rear-end collisions prevented. Thanks to the precise warning system traffic construction sites are safer now.

Besides the increased safety the traffic jam warning systems are giving useful information to the traffic. If possible and necessary they can change their route. Otherwise they are informed about the delay.

Increased safety due to intelligent systems
Mobile LED Stauwarnanlage

The mobile LED traffic jam detection system is continuously collecting data of the current traffic situation. Within a split second the data will be processed and send to the relevant location and system. In this way, a dependable early traffic jam detection is possible and more safety in dangerous traffic situations can be ensured.

With the transportable traffic jam warning system IBOTECH did strike a new path towards the future of intelligent traffic management – with innovative technology and energy self-sufficiency. Even though traffic jams cannot be avoided, the traffic is warned concerning upcoming traffic jams immediately. They are able to react timely for example with speed throttling.

Traffic jam warning system is quick and dependable

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The automatic traffic jam detection system by IBOMADE with LED lighting is characterized by its very fast collecting and processing of data. In addition, the innovative system is very easy to handle and our customers can rely on a very high level of dependability. The safety in traffic will be increased effectively and permanent.

Another plus: The staff of IBOTECH is working fast, precise and dependable, too. Thus, the mobile LED traffic jam warning system will be delivered and orderly built up as well as installed. Because of the high flexibility of the system, the transportable traffic detection system can be installed in different areas.

Perfect equipment for customers and the traffic

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The advantages of our mobile LED traffic jam warning systems are its technical features: Thanks to the simple usability IBOTECHs customers can set and control the traffic jam detection system by themselves. The autarkic energy supply ensures a durable operating time.

For the traffic the transportable traffic jam warning system is a security benefit in many ways: On one side because of the dependability and speed of processing data. On the other side because of the great visibility. The modern LED lighting guarantees an early visibility of the display even in bad weather conditions. Make a nonbinding request for the LED traffic jam warning system now.