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Mobile LED traffic jam warning system

Traffic Watch 24 / Early detection with high-quality technology

Your advantages:
  • Fully automatic technology
  • Adjusting the measurement possible
  • One-stop service
  • Live status reports
  • Security and guarantee
Made in Germany
Bast Siegel

The challenge:

Mobile LED Stauwarnanlage

With the use of Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 in their mobile traffic jam warning systems IBOTECH wants to access the traffic signs from distance.

These systems replace the conventional signs. The older system was low-priced so that the new ones have a lot of cost-pressure.

The solution:
IBOTECH trusts the Siemens technology and realizes the mobile traffic jam warning systems SIMATIC S7-1200 with early detection.

The basic controller is regulating the symbols (e.g. the symbol for traffic jam) and the sensor technology for survey the traffic. Siemens

Mobile LED traffic jam warning system - early detection with high-quality technology

Mobile LED Stauwarnanlage

Especially in construction sites it is very important to recognize a traffic jam immediately.

In this case the traffic is able to react early and to slow down – and the danger of rear-end collisions can be reduced significant.

With our new mobile traffic jam warning systems IBOTECH is providing more safety for your construction site.

This high-class technology ensures an early detection for traffic jams.

Safety with modern technology
Mobile LED Stauwarnanlage

Our full automatically working LED traffic jam warning systems can collect, process and exchange data in the same time.

The main reason why these systems were developed is to get a solid early detection of traffic jams.

We are working customer-focused and future-oriented.

Every second counts – with us you save time and money

Mobile LED Stauwarnanlage

In road traffic often every second counts. Therefore our warning systems are the best solution.

With this technique we strike a new path to provide a fast but first of all safe and reliable answer to the problems of traffic jam detection.

Especially in construction sites potential traffic jams are a danger.

To reduce this risk factor we developed the mobile traffic jam warning system. Besides we deliver very quickly so that our customers save time and money.

First-class quality

Mobile LED Stauwarnanlage

Our mobile traffic jam detection system is equipped with special software.

Our staff will be happy to show you how to use it so that you easily can adjust and control the systems.

The power is self-sustaining and persistent.

Because of the use of a modern LED lighting an early recognition of the display by the traffic can be guaranteed.

With the mobile LED traffic jam warning system we offer our customers first-class quality.