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Marking machine


Your advantages:
  • Speed up to 8 km/h
  • Lay up to 40 km of marking tape per day
  • Precise handling and high pressure
  • Siemens control unit
  • Pressure 8 bar
  • 7 liters gas.
Made in Germany

Marking machine / Road marking

Laying of temporary road markings with marking machine

  • Individual calculation for each project
  • Quick reaction to request, short-term appointment
  • No advanced payment necessary
  • Small team for markings: 3 skilled workers, 1 Road Taper+, 1 Sprayer
  • If necessary, preview markings possible
  • Fast delivery with little vans
  • Attaching of markings in shift work
  • Day and night shift work if needed (own lighting)
  • Up to 1.500 meters of markings within 8 hours
  • Precise cutting, no oddments
  • No time-consuming markings
  • No expensive rectification due to accuracy

Marking machine

Marking machine Road Taper +

Absolute accuracy is important at road marking works. But also the speed is a central aspect. If traffic routing is changed or new road markings must be done in construction sites it usually has to happen quickly.

Because slowly working marking machines are disturbing the traffic.

This is where the Road Taper + comes into play. The marking machine exclusively developed by IBOTECH is working precise, quick and efficient.

Compared to other road marking machines the Road Taper + scores with a rash of pros.

The Road Taper + is working precise
Marking machine Road Taper +

Especially with a changed routing inaccuracy is a big problem for marking machines. In this case it could lead into dangerous situations for the traffic. The Road Taper + is working very precisely.

The innovative machine is technically mature but also easy to handle.

In the end the precise working is not only to provide safety: Amendments and rework are unnecessary with the Road Taper + so that our customers are saving time and money.

Speed and accuracy are not necessarily contrasts

Marking machine Road Taper +

Whereas accuracy is kind of expectable for a marking machine, speed is not. Other marking machines are probably also working precise. But in the same time they are heavy and slow.

The Road Taper + can do long distance markings in short time – up to 15 km per day.

Besides the speed of the marking machine of course also the reaction time and flexibility of the company is important for urgent marking works.

When we receive an inquiry IBOTECH is sending out the innovative Road Taper + and the operating team as soon as possible.

Simple handling, light, thrifty but powerful

Marking machine Road Taper +

Machines for road markings are often heavy and bulky. In addition many of them must be operated by hand. In contrast the Road Taper + is a motorized machine – but still light and handy.

The marking machine runs economically with a gas consumption of less than 7 liters per 100 km. All in all the Road Taper + is a real innovation in marking business.

Furthermore the service around the marking machine is outstanding: IBOTECH processes orders very quickly and friendly and a realistic calculation is a matter of course.

That’s why costs and time can be planned very precise. With our marking machine Road Taper + your marking works are definitely done fast and low priced.

Our marking machine: The Road Taper +
Marking machine Road Taper +

There are big differences between machines for marking works.

At road works things like accuracy, speed, safety and efficiency are important. This counts also for route changing, construction sites or else.

The marking machine should work precise and fast. It should not or hardly influence the traffic.

And it should work efficient to avoid unnecessary costs. IBOTECHs innovative marking machine Road Taper + combines all these aspects. If you need dependable and efficient markings send us your request.