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Full closure: Professional traffic safety management

IBOTECH is one of Germanys largest companies in traffic security

Your advantages:
  • Many years of experience
  • IBOTECH is manufacturer and service provider
  • Know-how and expertise
  • Quick and competent service
  • Dependability and professionality
  • Security is number one priority

Full closure: IBOTECH is taking care of the traffic safety during the closure

Full closure

A full closure on highways are no longer a rarity. Many road users are confronted with them, time and again. One reason for this are the infrastructure damages and infrastructure investments in Germany.

Many ailing streets and bridges do take a toll. With the investments and construction projects politicians try to control the situation. And the number of construction and repair measures is growing.

During complicated short- and midterm construction measures for example on highways full closures of these road sections are used. Professional traffic safety management companies are taking care of these measures.

IBOTECH has many years of experience and expertise as manufacturer of traffic safety products and as service provider for traffic safety measures – of course this applies also to full closure of highways and other roads.

In Southwest Germany IBOTECH is responsible for many complete closures on highways (for example on the highway “BAB 5”). The company is taking care of a safe traffic with passion, dependability and professionality.

Manufacturer of products

Full closure

IBOTECH is a manufacturer of almost every important traffic safety product. For example, road barriers, warning posts, variable traffic signs, LED traffic panels or transportable concrete barriers.

These products can be delivered and built up in very short time by IBOTECH, for example to implement a complete closure of highways or single lanes. The product quality of our elements is excellent.


Service provider for measures

Full closure

In addition, IBOTECH has many years of experience as a service provider for implementation of traffic safety measures like full closures. With our competent team IBOTECH is the perfect partner for the upcoming measure.

Our service is famous for speed and reliability. Full closures of lanes or whole road sections are quickly as well as timely implemented and also quickly deconstructed after the measure.

Why traffic safety at full closures?
Full closure

At complete closures of road sections on highways the tasks for traffic safety manager is multifarious. Firstly, the full closure must be announced early and easily visible, so that almost all traffic users are informed before the measure starts.

Secondly, a clear leading of the traffic and a reasonable placement of necessary information is important during the measure. The quality of the management is significant for the security of the traffic.

Closure of roads: What’s important?

Full closure

For the implementation of full closures an highways or other roads the so called “Richtlinien für die Sicherung von Arbeitsstellen an Straßen“ – short RSA 95 – are relevant. This set of rules is decisive in Germany.

Thanks to the expertise and many years of experience, the professional staff of IBOTECH is very familiar with this set of rules. Full closures of highway sections are normality for staff and company.

Full closure with IBOTECH

Full closure

Why is IBOTECH the perfect partner for a measure like a full closure? Because all important actions are coming from one source – as manufacturer, service provider and manager of traffic safety products and measures.

IBOTECHs products are known for highest quality standards and the service is famous for speed, dependability and competence. Full closures are implemented quickly and safe.

Safety as number one priority
Full closure

In traffic safety should always be the number one priority by all involved parties – especially if traffic construction sites or closures are involved. For full closures know-how and expertise is important.

With IBOTECH as your partner for traffic safety measures professional and efficient full closures of road sections can be guaranteed. We are looking forward to your individual and definitely nonbinding request.