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Removal of road markings

Removing of temporary road markings up to 10 kilometers per day

Your advantages:
  • Individual and fast arrangement of dates
  • Short-term delivery
  • Small team: 2 skilled workers, 1 Puller
  • Cheap waste removal
  • Shift-work day and night possible
  • Absolute precision
  • Dependable and quick performance
Made in Germany

Modern removal of road markings

Demarking works

IBOTECH is one of the most innovative companies for traffic security and temporary road markings in Germany.

Our modern, self-made and partly patented machines ensure perfect results for a safe traffic. One of these machines is our self-developed machine for removing temporary road markings – the Puller.

Especially the disposal of temporary road markings has to be accurate and spotless.

With the innovative Puller the removal of temporary markings can be realized for up to 10 kilometers per day. The modern marking machine is precise, reliable and fast – all very important aspects for working in traffic construction sites.

Pulling off temporary road markings

Demarking works

Demarking is an important work for a safe traffic.

Removing of temporary road markings is an important part for a trouble-free traffic.

With over-marking and inaccurate removal of road markings the safety in traffic – especially in traffic construction sites – suffers. With IBOTECH as your partner for road markings you will increase the safety in traffic significant.

The modern machine for removing temporary road markings – Puller – is taking care of a clean and fast realization of the traffic safety measure.

At the same time, IBOTECH is famous for its customer-oriented service. Our staff is well trained and competent. The skilled workers and the Puller will be ready for operation in short time.

Fast and spotless removal of markings
Demarking works

Due to the sophisticated Puller removal of temporary road markings is much more efficient. Accurate removing of road markings used to be a time-consuming and complicated work.

But with IBOTECH as your partner and our Puller this process is easy and fast – and with less personnel costs and other expenses.