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Demarking machine
for temporary road markings


Your advantages:
  • Individual arrangement, no advanced payment
  • Quick reaction and starting of demarking
  • Shift-work if needed
  • Up to 10 km of demarking in 8 hours
Made in Germany

Demarking of temporary road markings – flexible and fast

Usually speed is important in road works and traffic in general. To ensure safety and avoid traffic jams temporary road markings – for example in construction sites – has to fit quickly. And also the demarking should be done immediately.

IBOTECHs innovative demarking machine guarantees flexible applicability as well as a fast working process. If our customers need the Puller quickly we deliver the special machine immediately. Of course no advanced payment is necessary.

The team for demarking temporary road markings is at your site as fast as possible. Here IBOTECH is very flexible and customer-orientated. Only two skilled workers are needed for the machine – very little effort. But not only flexibility and speed are the pros of the puller. The quality of the work results is also impressive.

The demarking machine is accurate and eco-friendly

Demarking machine

There is no use of speed if the quality of machine and skilled workers is not good. For the demarking machine of IBOTECH this is not a problem. The staff is well trained and the puller is working very precise.

That’s why it is possible that we demark up to 10 km within 8 hours – accurate and precise. If time is running shift work and demarkings at night are possible too.

Demarking with IBOTECH: Great service, high speed, first class quality

Demarking machine

At marking or demarking works couple of things are important. It has to be quick to save time and money. The traffic should not be disturbed and of course still safe. Also preciseness is a major factor in demarking works..

If you need precise and quick demarking works IBOTECH is the perfect partner for you. Our service is famous for being customer-friendly, competent and fast. With us the demarkings can start quickly and we offer shift-work if required..

Our demarkings are accurate because of the innovative exclusively developed machine puller. This extraordinary machine is simple in handling but effective and precise. You need eco-friendly, precise and fast demarking of temporary road markings? Just send IBOTECH your inquiry.