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Delivery and installation of road barriers

Your advantages:
  • Fast processing of your inquiry and short-term delivery
  • First-class quality and a comprehensive range of road barriers
  • Accurate arrangement and installation
  • Monitoring of barriers
  • Smooth and fast dismantling

Barriers for safer road work areas


Road work areas are no longer rare but part of everyday life in road traffic. To ensure the safety for all road users various measures and safety tools are necessary. Road barriers for example are used in full or partly road closures. Also, for securing excavations on roads and sidewalks the installation of barriers is a reasonable obligation.

The main significant feature of road barriers is certainly a first-class product quality. But also, a quick deliverance as well as proper installation and use of road barriers are important. For all of these aspects IBOTECH is the perfect partner for you. We react quickly to your inquiry and have a comprehensive range of road barriers at hand.

Comprehensive range and best product quality


IBOTECH is the expert in traffic security. Correspondingly large is our selection of road barriers for every type of road work area. We deliver metal or plastic road barriers. If needed they are equipped with warning lights. Also, fences are part of our product range for safer road work areas.

Our road barriers are characterized by robustness and first-class materials. Of course, all of our products comply with the requirements of the guidelines for safety in road work areas (Richtlinien für die Sicherung von Arbeitsstellen an Straßen – RS A ). A great benefit for our customers is the quick and competent service from a single source.

IBOTECH with fast and dependable service

It doesn’t matter whether you need just single elements or barriers for a large area to secure your road work area: We always react quickly to your individual inquiry and also for last-minute solutions you should contact IBOTECH.

Besides delivery also proper installation, monitoring and if necessary replacement of the road barriers are parts of our services. After completion of the road work area we also take care of a smooth and fast dismantling of the road barriers. Our experienced team will be happy to consult you if there are open questions.

Delivery and installation of barriers in every type of road work area


Road barriers are doubtless one of the most important elements in securing road work areas. Often speed is important to ensure safety in road traffic. Therefore, a quick reaction to inquiries and fast delivery of road barriers can be important.

IBOTECH is a service-oriented company and our strengths are speed, flexibility and dependability. Delivery, installation and dismantling of road barriers in short-term is not a problem for us. We will be happy to consult you in all questions of traffic safety in road work areas. Make your nonbinding inquiry for IBOTECH’s road barriers now.