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Traffic separator curbs: Delivery and installation

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  • Fast processing of inquiries
  • Short-term delivery of traffic separator curbs
  • First-class quality, dependable and resistant
  • Professional and quick installation and deconstruction of traffic separators
  • Best service from inquiry to delivery

Traffic separator curbs as guidance system in road work areas

deconstruction of guiding thresholds

For a maximum of traffic safety in construction sites normally miscellaneous measurements are necessary. During a modified traffic routing often temporary road markings are installed. An even more effective and safer alternative are traffic separator curbs. They can route the traffic in a perfect way by generating new traffic lanes.

With the use of traffic separator curbs more safety can be provided especially in unclear and complex traffic situations or highly frequented roads. As the expert in all questions of traffic security IBOTECH has the know-how of using traffic separator curbs correctly. For securing traffic with separator curbs you’ve picked the perfect partner.

The guiding elements are usually varying the lanes or illustrating the modified traffic routing. IBOTECHs traffic separator curbs are characterized by a great visibility also in darkness or bead weather conditions and do increase the safety for the traffic. No matter if the curbs are equipped with safety marks or stripes – the elements are first-class quality and in addition very robust.

Short-term consulting, delivery and installation

deconstruction of guiding thresholds

IBOTECHs advantages are speed, competence and German thoroughness. In shortest possible time we deal with individual inquiries and deliver all kinds of traffic safety elements to your road construction site – including traffic separator curbs for a temporary modified traffic routing. Since every traffic situation is different, we will be happy to advise you on potentially necessary measurements.

Besides the fast delivery of traffic separator curbs IBOTECHs competent staff is also taking care of the proper installation of the traffic routing elements. After completing the road construction measures, we remove the traffic separator curbs very quickly – best service from one source.

Robust and high-quality traffic separator curbs

deconstruction of guiding thresholds

IBOTECHs large product range includes different types of high-quality traffic separator curbs – for example equipped with or without integrated light signs. Especially in bad weather conditions or at night light signs can increase traffic safety.

On narrow lanes, highly frequented roads or road work areas on highways it can be necessary to equip the traffic separator curbs with delineator posts. These special posts are smaller than typical delineator posts and usually flexible to prevent unnecessary damage. The delineator posts are raising the visibility of the modified traffic routing substantial. IBOTECH delivers all kinds of traffic separator curbs and is taking care of the installation in your traffic construction site.

Temporary modified traffic routing with separator curbs

deconstruction of guiding thresholds

Traffic guiding elements rank among the most important security measurements at construction sites at highly frequented roads. Without these elements dangerous traffic situations and accidents are more likely. Besides, with smart used traffic separator curbs traffic jams can be avoided. For a proper installation of traffic separator curbs, you can trust on many years of experience of IBOTECH.

We focus on a first-class product quality and dependability. Our traffic separator curbs are resistant and flexible. In addition, IBOTECHs advantage is high speed. We react quickly to your inquiry and deliver traffic separator curbs and other elements for a safe traffic as fast as possible to your road construction site. Make your individual request now.