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Traffic warning trailers with LED

for short-term traffic construction sites

Your advantages:
  • Traffic warning trailers with modern LED light
  • Short-term and fast delivery
  • Effective protection of road traffic
  • Noticeable energy saving
  • First-class quality and excellent service

Traffic warning trailers with LED

Traffic warning trailers with LED

To secure short-term road work areas often traffic warning trailers are used. These moveable road signs are partly equipped with flashing lights as well as with arrows for direction information. Often, right after the traffic warning trailer one or more lanes will be closed.

Significant for these warning road signs is a very high level of visibility for the traffic. Because the traffic warning trailers are usually signaling an upcoming traffic construction site – also on highways, freeways and other roads used in higher speed.

With modern LED lights a high visibility of the warning trailers can be guaranteed. IBOTECHs traffic warning trailers are characterized by a first-class product quality and modern LED lights. They are robust and dependable.

But also, IBOTECHs customer service is excellent and fast. In shortest possible time we deliver the LED traffic warning trailer to your traffic construction site and install them orderly. We are your competent partner in all questions of traffic safety and look forward to your individual request concerning LED traffic trailers.

LED warning trailers are freely programmable

Traffic warning trailers with LED

A special feature of our traffic warning trailers with LED is the individual programmability of the lights. IBOTECHs customers decide autonomously if and for how long the LED lights will be activated. As a result, the energy saving potential in the construction site is huge. A permanent activated LED light would cause significant higher costs.

The software of the traffic warning trailers is easily operable and manual programming not a problem at all. IBOTECHs staff is well trained and will help our customers with the programmability of the LED light system. With free programmability and a high level of visibility also in bad weather conditions our traffic warning trailers are state-of-the-art.

Fast, professional and dependable service by IBOTECH
Traffic warning trailers with LED <

First-class quality, robustness and a high level of visibility are surly the most important characteristics of traffic warning trailers with LED lights. But without a fast and of course dependable service these features are of little value. IBOTECH service stands out with speed, competence and friendliness.

We react to your inquiry as fast as possible und consult you – if required – to the different possibilities of securing your road work area. Once our customers made an inquiry we need very short time up to delivery and installation of the traffic warning trailers. If you need a short-term delivery of warning trailers you should contact IBOTECH.

IBOTECHs traffic warning trailers with LED provide safety

Traffic warning trailers with LED

For a maximum of safety in short-term road work areas often mobile traffic warning trailers are necessary. IBOTECHs warning trailers are equipped with modern LED lights – they are highly visible. Besides, the lights are freely programmable and less cost-intensive than usual LED lighted traffic signs.

IBOTECH also knows how to deal with customers. The characteristics of our first-class service are speed, dependability and expertise. We are happy to consult you and deliver the traffic warning trailers with LED lights to your road work area as fast as possible. Our staff is always available for your questions and ideas. Make your inquiry to IBOTECHs movable LED traffic warning trailers now.