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Traffic security

– for short-term and long-term

We offer:
  • LED warning road signs and barriers
  • Delivery und arrangement of traffic signs
  • Delivery, placement and deconstruction of guiding thresholds
  • Delivery, placement and sale of warning posts
  • Special road signs for traffic security
  • Transportable safety barriers
  • Transportable traffic lights

Traffic security Maintenance and service


We do regular maintenance and of course every by law requested checking. Optional we install an electronic control system for you which documents all our workings.

With our infrastructure and capacious spare parts our well-trained staff is able to eliminate damage or replace broken elements immediately.

We would be happy to inform you about our maintenance and service of your traffic security elements in details. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Transportable safety barriers


Every road construction zone has to be secured according to the law. We offer transportable safety barriers with the European DIN-standard 1317.

These barriers prevent accidents with the opposing traffic or road workers.

Our skilled workers arrange the safety barriers in a professional way and check then regularly.

We also do the conception work for integrating the barriers in your construction site.

Transportable traffic lights
verkehrssicherung Transportable traffic lights are used when one driving direction has to be closed or rerouted.

Often repairs of the road are the reason for that. We are providing transportable traffic lights in high-class quality.

IBOETCH uses radio technology with different frequencies – laying tracks is not necessary.

We are also happy to install remote control. With this technique you have the systems under control in every second and a quick reaction is possible.

Warning road signs and barriers with LED


With our warning road signs and barriers you provide a high degree of safety for the traffic.

Warning panels call early attention to the construction site. These road signs are available in different models and they also work with radio technology.

Thus it is possible to regulate the signs with radio control.

Also mobile warning road signs and barriers are part of our portfolio. Our staff will be happy to consult you and submit an individual offer.

Delivery und arrangement of traffic signs


A full safety solution in construction sites is not complete without warning and information signs.

With various traffic signs during the road work the protection of traffic and workers is raised significant.

Catch up on our portfolio – we are also offering delivery and arrangement of the signs.

Delivery and placement of guiding thresholds

We deliver and install guiding thresholds. With these devices traffic will reduce speed.

Together we can develop concept for your safety management.

Guiding thresholds can be a very useful part of it. With IBOTECH you care for a safe construction site.

Placement and sale of warning posts


Warning posts are necessary to guide the traffic.

We offer different types of guiding and warning posts.

If warning posts are needed, our staff will react quickly and deliver as well as place them at your site.

Special road signs for traffic security


At some construction sites special road signs are required. IBOTECH provides various road signs for safety security.

We will be happy to advise and find the best solution for our customers.