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Transportable safety barrier T3 W2

IBO Wand 500 | width 24 cm | relevant width 12 cm | Checked by BASt

Your advantages:
  • Low transport costs because of lightness
  • one-stop (transport, construction, deconstruction)
  • Quick construction and deconstruction
  • Quick response to your inquiry
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Made in Germany

Transportable safety barrier – the solution for traffic security

Transportable safety barrier T3 W2

Safety is the most important aspect in traffic. Mobile road barriers like the IBOWand 500 do guarantee more safety in traffic construction sites and avoid unnecessary traffic jams.

IBOTECH is one of the biggest companies in the sector of traffic security in Southern Germany and an important manufacturer for transportable safety barriers. We produce, rent, sell and provide different barrier systems.

Our mobile safety barrier T3 W2 is checked by the Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) and certified according to the European standard DIN EN 1317.

What makes the IBOWand 500 special is the strong containment level and the narrow structural width of only 24 cm at the same time. The weight of 900 kg is comparably light – therefore the safety barrier is quickly and simply deliverable.

As producer and provider of transportable safety barriers IBOTECH is the best partner for your traffic construction site.

Your manufacturer of mobile road barriers for traffic construction sites

Transportable safety barrier T3 W2

The product quality is significant in traffic safety. Concrete safety walls should be made of first-class concrete and other high-grade materials.

IBOTECHs IBOWand 500 fulfills all these criteria and is known for its high-class product quality. Thus, our safety barriers can guarantee the best protection in traffic construction sites.

But the transportable safety barrier is not only checked by official bodies. Since many years it is used in daily practice and proves its skills in traffic. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

With the mobile road barrier, the safety of all traffic and also of the construction site workers will be increased. As traffic leading elements they also care for clarity in confusing traffic situations.

A fluent traffic and a significantly higher safety – these aims will be achieved with our transportable safety barrier IBOWand 500.

High-class quality and speed are important
Transportable safety barrier T3 W2

Besides a perfect product quality also other criteria are significant: In traffic and especially in traffic construction sites speed is an important factor. Only this way the safety of traffic can be guaranteed.

Another aspect is avoiding unnecessary traffic jams. This also increases safety and encourages the acceptance for traffic construction sites for example on highways.

To reach this goal transportable safety barriers have to be quickly deliverable and constructed as well as deconstructed or replaced if damaged in shortest possible time.

In this field IBOTECH is a leading company. Our mobile road barriers are very quickly deliverable. Up to 180 meters of safety barriers can be transported on one truck.

The installation and deconstruction of the IBOWand 500 elements is also possible in a short period of time. If necessary – for example because of damage after an accident – the wall barriers are replaced rapidly.

Manufacturing and service – all from one single source

Transportable safety barrier T3 W2

As a specialist for traffic safety IBOTECH is taking care of the whole processing. We are the manufacturer of the mobile road barrier T3 W2 and service provider for traffic safety. We do all one-stop.

From the first inquiry to the last removal of the safety barriers we are responsible for every aspect of your traffic safety measurements. You only need one contact partner.

First of all, our competent staff will take care of your individual request. If needed we will be happy to consult you in all questions concerning your safety management in the traffic construction site.

Delivery, installation, removal and deconstruction – IBOTECHs service is always customer oriented and quick. If necessary, our staff will also do shift-work at the traffic construction site.

For mobile road walls like the transportable safety barrier T3 W2 IBOTECH is both: producer and service provider.

Flexibly usable: a strong mobile safety barrier system

Transportable safety barrier T3 W2

The key data are definite. With the BASt-checked containment level T3 and the low area of influence W2 the mobile road barrier is an all-rounder for safety in traffic construction sites.

The traffic leading elements are providing a strong protection level so that serious accidents for example with the oncoming traffic can be prevented. The transportable safety barrier T3 W2 is characterized by robustness and a first-class product quality.

With the narrow structural width of only 24 cm and the weight of 900 kg our mobile concrete barrier quickly usable. The weight allows a high degree of flexibility.

The IBOWand 500 is applicable for most roads and traffic construction sites and can be delivered – if necessary – in shortest possible time.

The combination of robustness and the flexible usability is the reason why IBOTECHs transportable safety barrier T3 W2 is special. Speed and highest possible safety are no longer a contrast.

The transportable safety barrier T3 W2: robust and mobile

Transportable safety barrier T3 W2

As an experienced manufacturer for mobile road barriers IBOTECH is the best partner for your concerns. Our customers can rely on longstanding experience and best product quality.

The transportable safety barrier T3 W2 is a perfect example for a modern traffic security. For one thing, it is successfully checked by the Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) and provides a strong protection level.

Secondly, it is quickly and flexibly usable. In shortest time the mobile barriers can be delivered, installed and deconstructed. Therefore, our customers can save both, time and money.

The road barriers combine the important characteristics robustness and flexibility. With both the safety in smaller and bigger traffic construction sites can be increased significantly.

We are looking forward to your individual and non-binding request for the transportable safety barrier T3 W2.


BASt check 2013 7E 61
TEST TB 21 TB 41
Vehicle type Car truck
TEST DATE: 07.02.2013 08.02.2013
TEST LOCATION: TÜV Süd München TÜV Süd München
TEST LENGTH: 150 m 150 m
  TB 21 Car 07.02.2013 T3 TÜV Süd München 150 m No
  TB 41 truck 08.02.2013 T3 TÜV Süd München 150 m No
System specification
TB 21 TB 41
MATERIALS Steel and concrete Steel and concrete
HEIGHT 0,52 m 0,52 m
SYSTEM WIDTH 0,12 m 0,12 m
PROJECTED WIDTH: 0,24 m 0,18 m
WEIGHT PER M 150 kg 150 kg
  TB 21 Steel and concrete 0,52 m 6 m 0,12 m 0,24 m 150 kg
  TB 41 Steel and concrete 0,52 m 6 m 0,12 m 0,18 m 150 kg
Test result
TB 21 TB 41
Durchbiegung: 0,3m 0,7m
ASI-VALUE 0,3 (A) --
  TB 21 0,3m W1 0,3 (A)
  TB 41 0,7m W2 --
Transportable-Schutzeinrichtung IBO Wand 500
Transportable-Schutzeinrichtung IBO Wand 500