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Variable LED traffic signs

Dynamic traffic management for more safety

Your advantages:
  • Flexibility by different areas of application
  • Variability by freely programmable announcements
  • Safety and avoiding of traffic jams
    by dynamic traffic management
  • Longevity of products and warranty
  • Customer-friendly and fast service

Mobile variable LED traffic signs – the new generationn

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Variable traffic signs with state-of-the-art LED technique are an important part of modern traffic management and almost indispensable for a safe traffic. They are often installed on Highways, but can be used flexible.

On heavily frequented Highways, roadway junctions or traffic construction sites for example the variable traffic signs display different speed limits or general traffic information.

In front of tunnels the variable signs can show restrictions of height and width. In front of bridges they can warn of strong winds. In toll plazas variable traffic signs are also very useful. They can display closed lanes, the requested types of vehicles in different lanes or other information.

IBOTECH as manufacturer of modern variable traffic signs

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The scope of application of the variable LED traffic signs is very wide. The light-emitting variable traffic signs with LED technique are more up-to-date and functional than the usual mechanical and analog signs.

On the one hand there is a bundling of light because of the light-emitting diodes – and thus a strong visibility even in bad weather conditions is guaranteed. On the other hand, a lot of different information can be displayed on the variable LED traffic signs.

IBOTECH is a manufacturer and service provider for state-of-the-art variable traffic signs and is taking care of a safer and smoother traffic. This works out because of the customer-friendly and fast service as well as a first-class product quality.

Flexible variable traffic signs do increase the safety
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With the help of variable LED traffic signs serious accidents can be avoided, general warnings transmitted and the danger of unnecessary traffic jams reduced. In this way the traffic will be safer and more efficient.

Our variable LED traffic signs are state-of-the-art in Germany. Due to the high traffic volume a dynamic and efficient traffic management has become indispensable. With reliability flexibility and a sophisticated technology our variable light-emitting traffic signs are important for a safe road traffic.

The technologically advanced light-emitting diodes guarantee a perfect visibility even in the dark or during heavy rain. With IBOTECH as your reliable partner for variable traffic management our customers can save time and money.

Safer and a more efficient traffic with modern light-emitting variable LED traffic signs

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In road traffic different dangers and risks are present. For example, in rush hours traffic can be challenging – accidents are possible. Therefore, it is important that the traffic is warned early about the different dangers.

The IBOTECH variable LED traffic signs are flexibly usable. They display long- or short-term speed limits, warnings because of strong winds and other general information. The signs are freely and dynamically programmable.

One of the most important aspects concerning traffic signs in general is the visibility. The traffic recognizes them just seconds or milliseconds – and hard weather conditions with fog or heavy rain doesn´t make it easier. With our special LED light engineering IBOTECH created a perfect visible variable traffic sign.

The main benefit of the traffic signs is their variability. Accidents, traffic jams and more – sometimes the traffic has to be warned quickly. Also, closing or opening lanes can be changed rapidly.

IBOTECHs variable LED traffic signs are part of the modern road traffic and almost indispensable. They are taking care of a safer and more efficient traffic in many situations.