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Short-term and long-term road traffic safety

Your advantages:
  • Wide product range of road traffic safety elements
  • First-class quality for best construction site safety
  • Competent service from one source
  • Consultancy and quick implementation of measures
  • Short-term and long-term construction site safety

Safety in road work areas

Mobile road barriers

To guarantee safety for the traffic it is necessary to secure traffic construction sites and road work areas perfectly. Therefore, different measures can be needed – for example setting up mobile road barriers, temporary traffic lights or delineator posts to lead the traffic.

The measures correlate directly with the duration of the construction site. For a short-term road traffic safety, often other elements are in demand. IBOTECH is the expert for short-term and long-term traffic construction site safety.

Our wide product range ensures security for individual needs in road work areas. In short-term traffic construction sites, a fast and competent service is also important. With IBOTECH your construction site and road work area will be secure for the traffic at any time – no matter if short-term or long-term.

Short-term and long-term traffic construction sites

Mobile road barriers

Traffic construction sites are either set up for a short duration as well as for weeks or even months. Therefore, a different short-term or long-term traffic safety can be needed. A short-term traffic construction site is built up for a couple of hours and usually during daytime. Even if the road work is set up again the following day this usually can be called short-term.

A long-term traffic construction site is set up for at least 24 hours without interruption. IBOTECH is the specialist for both alternatives. With our know-how and wide product range we take care of the safety in all traffic construction sites – no matter if short-term or long-term.

First-class service by IBOTECH

Mobile road barriers

In traffic construction site security aspects like speed, thoroughness and competence are important to ensure the safety of the traffic at any time. These and other characteristics are combined by IBOTECHs first-class service. We reply to your individual inquiry as fast as possible and deal with all safety issues in your construction site with considerable care.

We have a wide product portfolio and great expertise for short-term and long-term road traffic safety. IBOTECHs customers benefit from a competent service from one source. From inquiry to delivery and removal of the traffic safety elements our staff is responsible for all working steps – our customers do need just one contact person. In addition, we will be happy to consult you in all questions of traffic construction site security.

Safety in road work is our mission

Mobile road barriers

As a specialist in safeguarding traffic construction sites IBOTECH is your perfect contact partner. In short-term road work areas, our customers can rely on a short reaction time to inquiries and fast delivery of traffic safety elements. This is also the case in long-term traffic construction sites. In addition, we will be happy to consult you concerning our wide product range and all further questions.

IBOTECHs portfolio including mobile road barriers, delineator posts, traffic signs or else is characterized by first-class quality. We also guarantee a dependable, fast and always friendly service from one source. We are looking forward to your inquiry for securing a short-term or long-term traffic construction site.