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Safety fence for mobile concrete walls

IBO Fence 150: Visual protection for transportable safety barriers

Your advantages:
  • Attachment for concrete barriers
  • Effective visual and climbing protection
  • Successfully checked for DIN 1317
  • Additional component for traffic security
  • Overall height of 1.5 meters
  • No anchoring necessary
  • Simple built up and deconstruction
Made in Germany

Manufacturer of safety fence

The protective visual and safety fence IBO Fence 150 is adding another component to the product portfolio of the traffic safety expert IBOTECH. The fence can be affixed to IBOTECHs transportable concrete barriers.

Due to this additional safety fences there are new and useful opportunities for safeguarding traffic construction sites. As a manufacturer of traffic safety components IBOTECH is striking a new path.

Fence is DIN 1317 certified

The IBO Fence 150 is already successfully tested for the European standard DIN 1317, the containment level T3 and the area of influence W2 for transportable safety barriers in road traffic.

The visual protection fence does not need any ground anchoring or other floor mounting, because it is directly attached to the concrete safety barriers. In this way, the fence is quickly and very flexibly usable.

Effective visual proception

There usability for the attached fence on traffic construction sites is multifarious: Due to the dependable visual protection traffic constriction sites and workers are protected against views from outside the working area.

In addition, the traffic users do only concentrate to the acute traffic situation but no longer to the construction site. At the same time the IBO Fence 150 is open for wind.

Overall height and length

The overall height of the mobile safety barrier (concrete wall element plus safety fence) is 1.5 meters. Therefore, the fence is providing visual protection on highways and other roads.

Another function of the protective fence is to prevent climbing over the safety element, which again increases the safety for all road users. Another fact for the use: The fence has to gain a length of at least 96 meters.

IBOTECH with great quality

As one of the most important companies in traffic safety in Southern Germany IBOTECH already has a great reputation for its transportable safety barriers. The safety fences IBO Fence 150 does enqueue to this list.

Mainly because of the outstanding quality and the practicable handling. The visual and climb over protection fences can be delivered and installed or attached in very short time.

Safety fence IBO Fence 150

With the IBO Fence 150 IBOTECH has added another great product to its portfolio. The safety fence includes a visual and a climbing protection especially for long term or secret traffic construction sites on highways and freeways.

The IBO Fence is way more than an optical element – it increases the safety of all traffic users and traffic construction site workers. Make your nonbinding request now.

IBO Fence 150

BASt check (in processing) / Tested according to DIN EN 1317 (Unanchored)
Test TB 21 TB 41
Vehicle type Car truck
Test date 25.09.2019 24.09.2019
Containment level T3 T3
Test location Fakt GmbH, Benningen Fakt GmbH, Benningen
Test length / Minimum installation length 96 m 96 m
Ground anchoring NO NO
Terminal elements not necessary, optional possible not necessary, optional possible
  TB 21 Car 25.09.2019 T3 Fakt GmbH, Benningen 96 m NO not necessary, optional possible
  TB 41 truck 24.09.2019 T3 Fakt GmbH, Benningen 96 m No not necessary, optional possible
System specification
TB 21 TB 41
Material Steel and concrete Steel and concrete
Height 1,50 m 1,50 m
Length of element 6 m 6 m
System width 0,30 m 0,30 m
Weight per m 333 kg 333 kg
  TB 21 Steel and concrete 1,50 m 6 m 0,30 m 333 kg
  TB 41 Steel and concrete 1,50 m 6 m 0,30 m 333 kg
Test result
TB 21 TB 41
Deflection 0,3m 0,7m
Area of influence W1 W2
ASI-Value 0,3 (A) --
  TB 21 0,3m W1 0,3 (A)
  TB 41 0,7m W2 --